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During the fabrication process a resin additive is required. This catalyst or hardener activates the resin and creates the finished part. Resin additives are also used for their unique properties, like an open-air cure, or adding luster.


  • Fumed Silica Powder
  • Thickening Agent For Gel Coats And Resins


  • Leads To Rapid Hardening
  • Available in White, Red, And Blue


  • Creates A Glossy, Smooth Finished Surface
  • Allows For Complete Open Air Cure


  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide
  • Industry Standard Catalyst


  • Improves Longevity Of Gel Coat Patches
  • Faster Cure & Harder Finished Patch


  • Thinner For Resins & Gel Coats
  • Lowers Viscosity For Spraying


  • Creates A Slip-Resistant Surface
  • Available In 3 Grit Sizes


  • Styrene Wax
  • Promotes Better Surface Cure