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Restore and Protect Your Boat with Marine Coat One’s Gel Coat Products

Damage to your boat doesn’t have to be permanent. Marine Coat One’s gel coat products make an incredible difference to how your boat looks and feels while on the sea.
Marine Coat One uses the highest quality ISO NPG marine gel coat to permanently repair or replace the original, high-gloss finish. The product cures to a hard finish and can be used to fill gouges, cracks, scrapes, and scratches on the body of your boat. Our Gel Coat is a non-run, non-sag formula that provides hardness and resiliency. With color-matching technology, a smooth finish, and plenty of options in stock, no other material compares to our marine coats.
Contact Marine Coat One today and combat minor scratches, nicks, and dents with our high-quality products. Buy gel coats today and protect the outer layer of your boat!


Our Wholesale Gel Coats Are the Easiest Way to Clean and Preserve Your Boat

Marine Coat One’s gel coat products are the perfect solution for boat owners who want to keep their vessels looking their best. By simply applying a gel coat to the boat, you can protect it from fading and dirt. Plus, if you ever decide to switch up your boat’s look, it won’t be difficult to strip off the gel coat. With Marine Coat One’s gel coats, keeping your boat looking pristine is as simple as can be – so why not give them a try?
Our multitude of wholesale gel coats provide customizability beyond your widest years, and we even include additional accessories and useful materials, and items like our gel repair kits. You can command the seas with a beautiful white gel coat or add clear gel goats to help your boat glisten in the sunshine. Additionally, our custom color gel coats can color match to any boat while providing the same level of resistance against scratches and dents.
With just a single application of one of Marine Coat One’s boat gel coating options, you can protect your ocean unit from the elements for years to come. So don’t wait – upgrade your boat today! Purchase some of Marine Coat One’s boat gel coat colors to remove scratches and enjoy a premium patch job in little to no time!


Get a Fiberglass Gel Coat for Your Boat

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your boat, a fiberglass gel coat is a perfect choice! A new gel coat layer will make your boat look like it just came off the showroom floor. Not only that, but this strong, durable coating will help protect your boat from wear and tear.
Using a fiberglass gel coat for your boat provides increased durability, weather resistance, improved appearance, cost savings, and enhanced performance in fresh and saltwater environments. In addition, because it’s designed specifically for boats, it won’t fade or chip away easily like other types of paint might do over time. And a fiberglass gel coat can help protect against UV rays, which can cause fading or discoloration over time if left unchecked.
At Marine Coat One, we offer a wide range of gel coats for sale. So whether you’re looking for a fiberglass gel coat or a more specialized gel coat, we have something to fit your needs. Our gel coats are designed to protect your boat’s gel coat, ensuring it looks and feels like new. 


Find Gel Coats for Sale Online

It’s never been easier to buy gel coat products online. With Marine Coat One, you can shop for gel coats from the comfort of your own home. We offer quality products at an affordable price, making it easy to find the perfect solution for you and your boat. Check out our selection of marine coats and repair kits today, or find gel coats for sale to secure the right product for your needs: 


The Leading Provider of Gel Coating Solutions

Marine Coat One is a veteran-owned marine gel coating company and a division of MultiTech Products. We have developed, manufactured, and designed factory color-matched repair materials since 1992 for all your surface repair needs. We lead the industry with many years of field expertise and hands-on application development.
We bring these specially engineered materials to the marine industry with an extensive offering of the original factory and standard gel coat colors. Through our unique relationships with the leading OEMs, we have amassed a comprehensive, historical archive of gel coat colors.
Not only do we offer top-of-the-line marine coats, but we have a comprehensive list of gel coat repair kits as well. From “choose your own” color kits to bass boat kits and RV boat kits, we have the solution for any problem and any job. Make scratches and nicks a thing of the past with our repair kits and other boat gel coat products.
Find out more below about what makes us the gel coat provider you need to partner with: 

  • All Marine Coat One products are developed with advanced technology that produces unbeatable protection and restored shine to your boat’s gel coat. Our unique blend of polymers resists discoloration and oxidation, ensuring your boat looks better for longer.
  • Our unique combination of cleaners and preservatives work together to thoroughly remove dirt, grime, and stains from your boat’s hull without damaging or fading the color or finish of your gel coat.
  • Marine Coat One products are designed to make cleaning and restoring your boat more effortless than ever before. Our easy-to-use formulas provide superior results in less time with minimal effort on the part of the user.
  • We offer a wide range of specialized marine coatings designed to meet all your boat needs, from repairing scratches and dings on fiberglass boats to providing long-lasting protection against UV rays and saltwater corrosion for metal boats.


Frequently Asked Questions About All Gel Coats

Our gel coats are the best option, with easy-to-follow instructions and smooth and sturdy coatings. But as a leading boat gel coating provider, we often encounter some common questions involving our gel coat products and how beneficial they are for your boat. So we’ll attempt to answer some of those FAQs below and make it easier for you to trust having our marine gel coat products on your boat.

Marine gel coats are a thin resin-based type of polymer coating that provides a hard and glossy finish for boats. It protects the boat hull from corrosion, weathering, and minor nicks and dents and helps keep the vessel looking good for longer.

A marine gel coat provides a strong barrier against saltwater and UV rays, preventing corrosion and fading. In addition, it creates a glossy finish that enhances the boat’s appearance and helps keep it looking clean for longer. A gel coat also strengthens the boat hull, protecting it from damage caused by impacts or collisions.

Marine Gel Coat is available in various types, including white gel coats, clear gel coats, and colored pigmented coats. Depending on the type you choose and your boat model, you may find that there are additional color options to choose from. We also have gel kit repairs that color-match your boat to leave it looking as good as new.

Boats are often subjected to harsh environmental conditions, making them more susceptible to corrosion and weathering. Gel coat provides superior protection against UV rays and saltwater corrosion compared to paint, creating a longer-lasting, high-gloss finish that’s much easier to maintain.

A wax surface agent helps promote proper curing, yet it should be noted that wax must only be used on the final coat. Contact Marine Coat One for more information regarding this process.



Buy Gel Coats From the Best Boat Gel Coating Company in the Country!

Restore and protect your boat with Marine Coat One! Our gel coat products provide an easy and efficient way to keep your boat looking great. Don’t put off fixing up your boat any longer — visit our website today to find the perfect solution. We have everything you need to make your boat look its best and protect it from chips and stains. Plus, our wholesale gel coat options are a great way to save money. So don’t wait — protect and restore your boat with our gel coat products today!



  • Table Top Pro Epoxy Resin Kit- Cures to a high gloss sheen with a crystal clear shine. Give your tabletops a gorgeous, glass-like gloss to restore the new appearance of aged, antique surfaces.
  • Simple Application- Our 2-part resin epoxy kit employs a straightforward 1:1 volume-to-volume mixing ratio so you can quickly and easily measure the correct amounts each time. In order to achieve a constantly even finish, it also self-levels


  • Premium Grade ISO/NPG Marine Gel Coat
  • Available With Or Without Wax


  • Perfect For Clear Top Coat
  • Available With Or Without Wax


  • Matched To Your Exact Color
  • Available With Or Without Wax


  • Premium Grade Bass Boat Repair Kit
  • Includes Glitter Flake


  • Custom Color Marine Gel Coat
  • Includes Color Pigments


  • Complete Color Match Repair Kit
  • Perfect For Scratches / Gouges / Nicks